What Is Local SEO & Why Do You Need It?

The process of optimizing your website for a particular local area is known as local SEO. You want your website to rank for such queries executed by a local audience if you have a local company, such as a shop, restaurant, or agency. Local search makes sure that people can find you easily when they are looking for a particular service in a particular area. So, optimize your online preference for that area in which you want to boost your business. Let’s take a look at a few of its benefits.
  • Local SEO assists in the discovery of your business by potential customers.
  • Local search provides potential customers the exact information they are looking for.
  • Local search optimization makes customers able to take action.
  • Doing SEO locally helps customers to make decisions about your business.
  • Searching locally gives you your exact client.
  • Local Searching gives the client all information about you so he can easily make a decision about you.

Looking For Local SEO Solution

If you're looking for a solution to local SEO and local search marketing, then congrats! You’re in the right place. Here you will get a complete solution about ``how can you get a position in a local search result? How will local search help you in your business? - How can you optimize your local business? and what should you need to do so people could choose you?. If you have any questions in your mind like these then don't worry we have a perfect solution for you.

Are You Losing a Big Percentage of Your Audience?

According to a report, 46% of searches on Google seek a local result. That’s a huge amount of people who are looking for the products and services near them – and they want answers… fast. So if you don’t have a local business online preference then it’s not enough for you because 72% of people visit the store within 5 miles when they do a local search. Will your business display on top when any local clients are looking? Will they choose you or not out of all the same service providers?
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How do Google Local Search Results work?

Pick up your phone and search for a “pizza shop”. A box with 3 results of the pizza shops will appear in front of you. This Box is known as the Google 3 pack. The Box shows info of local pizza shops like google map, phone number, shop images, Timing and all important info which is good for customer perspective. All the results belong to a specific area in which the person is present and search for it. The results that show in the Google 3 pack is mostly of a small business.

Why Should You Hire Itians Company?

At Itians Company, we understand that every company is special and distinct, which ensures that every company has different priorities, audiences, and budgets. We will collaborate with you to achieve your marketing objectives. We'll learn about your particular company, market, competitors, and most critical business goals. We are 24/7 available for you as you can contact us anytime whenever you need. Our services are more reliable and useful than others.

What's Included in Our Services?

We include many services to help your business’s local SEO campaign. These include:


Local Analysis includes: Completing a market analysis of your service areas, Finding local competitors currently outranking you on the web for your services and Analyzing search terms, monthly search volumes, and more in your market. Local Analysis includes: Completing a market analysis of your service areas, Finding local competitors currently outranking you on the web for your services and Analyzing search terms, monthly search volumes, and more in your market


  • Auditing citations across all relevant online directories
  • Editing all local citations to include the right name-address-phone number (NAP citations)
  • Creating new citations
  • Discovering more local citation opportunities
  • Managing and monitoring local listings


  • Continue Keyword progress tracking
  • Improve local user confidence with content publishing related to business
  • Improve schema markup of business by adding microdata relevant to website improve local rank by enhancing local reviews
  • Landing pages continuous updating and optimization


  • Monitor keyword progress
  • Monitor competitor keyword progress
  • Top three local competitor’s keywords analysis


  • Use of advanced tools for the promotion of your services
  • Reports analysis sharing
  • Sharing of campaigns analysis